Playground Superstars Trip Vol.9
Come out and play with us.



Miami based producer Luis Beyra has many hot tunes out on PGSS and hits the spot yet again with this cheeky little groove “Electromatic Behavior”..


Check out Luis Beyra on BeatsDigital offering “Electromatic Behavior” as a free download for a limited time. PGSS appreciates all the support we get from all the digital retailers and it’s always good to give back. As they say, it’s better to give than to receive.




PGSS good friend and occasional partner in crime, Jason Klein (Monster Taxi) is partying over at the big Amsterdam Dance Event
He’s out there promoting his naughty-licous track “Boogie Makes A Splash” with various new remixes including a new mix by Luis Beyra.




Tune in! with ALEXI8
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