Playground Superstars Trip Vol. 10

Well the reviews keep pouring in from all over the world for the Luis Beyra remix of the classic track by the Police,
“Wrapped Around Your Finger”

The track charted and peaked at # 14 on the Release Promo charts. PGSS sends a warm shout out to DJ’s Charlie Solana, Juan E, DMS12, Favio Domo, Michael Alba, Andrew Chibale, Ed Whitty, Tomaz Hernandez, Monster Taxi and Frankie V. for spinning the track
in Miami and supporting the cause.


Very nice remix. I have downloaded it & will spin it! Love It!”
– DJ La Joka w/ Shejay
“What a fantastic re-imagining of a classic…keeps all the nuance of the original while kicking it into the 21st century w/some seriously funky action – wonderful” – Dave Brock (The Blue Room @ Bourbon St. Station)


“Love the police. sweet dubbed-out riff” – Matty Styles (Static Production,, CKLU 96.7fm)
“ooooooh……sweet” – Sasha Le Monnier (Fiberlineaudio / Toryumon U.K / Source Of Gravity & Gravition)


“Nice remix of the Police… Solid beats” – Elroy (BeatPimpz, Ryan Dykstra Nightlife, Twenty40)
“Good stuff” – LLavoe (rain nightclub, Daytona Beach)


That is quite possibly the sickest remix we’ve heard….. I dropped it on our guests the other night at our house. They lost it..
We really dig your style…. Keep that sh*t up…”
– Charlie / Keister from Texas
Very good… will go in my rotation” Shortbus
“Nice remix of this classic police track…nice work” – Chris Viets (blu, reticent recordings, !keepitsimple!)


“Very good mix of Police” – Simaku in NY
“Cool thank you! I like the track right up my way”
LoTTo from Pompano Beach

“Hey, it sounds pretty good – nice job!” – M’Ocean from New Jersey


Sounds good… digging this very much. I grew up listening to the police!”
-Ariel Cybana
“Already downloaded bro… I Will be playing it before PVD tomorrow in Portland, OR” DJ Wiggles
Get the limited edition remix for free before it’s gone and becomes the stuff of legends.
Available for a limited time only at

Randy Suarez